Mr. Justin Rinker is a DPhil candidate with the Baikal Archaeology Project under the supervision of Drs. Rick Schulting and Andrzej Weber. Located at the University of Oxford, he joined the project in 2019 as an archaeologist with a focus in lithic analysis and primitive technology. His research is currently focused on the examination of projectile points from multiple sites across regional Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. His methods include an application of a diagnostic framework for impact damage and an analysis of quantitative morphometics. Additionally, he is working on experimental reconstruction of relevant weapon systems for the purpose of obtaining a perspective on respective efficacy. The goal of Justin’s research is to contribute to a greater understanding of the relationship between shifts in socio-cultural structure and subsistence practices and changes in projectile technology for the prehistoric peoples of Baikal.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hunter-gatherers, Prehistoric weapon systems, Stone tools, Interpersonal violence, Prehistory of Asia, Experimental archaeology

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