Exciting research update from Dr. Christian Leipe:

Pavel and I are back from Siberia. It was a successful and interesting trip even with lots of snow and ice, which I haven’t seen for a long time. We would like to share some photos and information for the next newsletter. Here are the captions for the photos attached.

  1. Pavel Tarasov giving a public lecture within the framework of the BAP at the Institute of Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch) in the Akademgorodok of Irkutsk

2–5.     Project team members working on the 7.3 m sediment core from the Upper Lena region: Pavel Tarasov (2), Christian Leipe (3), Elena (Lena) Bezrukova (4), Alexander (Sasha) Shchetnikov (5) at sediment core description and subsampling at the Institute of Geochemistry of the Academy of Sciences

  1. Lake Baikal (under ice) and the outflow of the Angara River (ice-free)
  2. “Babr” the heraldic animal of Irkutsk