Jennifer Laughton receives travel award!

Congratulations to Jennifer Laughton, BAP PhD student, on being awarded the Graduate Students’ Association Academic Travel Grant from the University of Alberta! Jennifer’s award totals $255.00 CAD and was used to attend the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology Meetings in Banff, Alberta, Canada. To check out Jennifer’s student profile, go here: Kudos to Jennifer!

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Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman present at Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology Annual Meetings

BAP was well represented by our University of Saskatchewan graduate students at the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology 47th Annual Meetings held in Banff, Alberta, October 23-26, 2019. Rebecca Bourgeois presented a poster entitled: “Reconstructing Moy-Novaia-Shamanka, Siberia, Russia: Preliminary Analysis.” Rebecca L. Bourgeois, Angela R. Lieverse, Hugh G. McKenzie, Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii. Lauren Michelman presented a poster entitled: “Harris lines as indicators of physiological stress in the middle Holocene Cis-Baikal.” Lauren M. Michelman, Angela R. Lieverse. Link to Meeting: [...]

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Franziska Kobe presents talk at the Geological Club and Museum-Park Rüdersdorf

Franziska Kobe, BAP PhD student from Freie Universität Berlin, presented a 30-minute talk at the Scientific Colloquium organized by the Geological Club and Museum-Park Rüdersdorf near Berlin on 18 October 2019. Her talk was discussing importance of environmental archives from the lake sediments for reconstructing vegetation, climate and human-environmental interactions. Title: "Paläo-Seen von Rüdersdorf als wertvolle Archive der postglazialen Natur- und Klimaentwicklung in Brandenburg" [“Palaeolakes from Rüdersdorf as valuable archives of late glacial and Holocene vegetation and climate in [...]

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Successful Workshop in Riga, Latvia!

Members of the Baikal Archaeology Project & guests have wrapped up another successful workshop - this time in Riga, Latvia (September 26-28, 2019). Presentations brought the entire team up to date on recent research & summer fieldwork, while social outings & a fieldtrip to the Zvejnieki archaeological site made sure the trip wasn't all work. We are extremely grateful to project members Drs. Ilga Zagorska & Gunita Zarina from the University of Latvia for their hospitality. A good time [...]

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Great news coming out of Freie Universität Berlin!

Dr. Pavel Tarasov's team is getting it done! Christian Leipe and Pavel Tarasov spent the first 9 days of October in the Institute of Geochemistry, Irkutsk, working on the sediment cores from Lake Ochaul and collecting samples for the sediment aDNA analysis together with Elena Bezrukova, Sasha Shchetnikov and their team. Lena and Sasha helped a lot to make our work as smooth and successful as possible. Additional news from Dr. Pavel Tarasov during this time: A cooperation agreement [...]

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Christian Leipe article published in Science Advances

Congratulations to Christian Leipe and other BAP team members on their recent article published in Science Advances! The paper is in the September 2019 issue of the Science Advances, Volume 26, 25 September 2019: Vol. 5, no. 9, eaax6225. The paper has open access. Full text here: Title: Discontinuous spread of millet agriculture in eastern Asia and prehistoric population dynamics Authors: Leipe C, Long T, Sergusheva EA, Wagner M, Tarasov PE. Abstract: Although broomcorn and foxtail millet are [...]

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Svetlana Kostrova and Pavel Tarasov article published in Hydrological Processes

Congratulations to Svetlana  Kostrova, colleague of Pavel Tarasov and friend of the BAP, on the recent publication of their article in Hydrological Processes! Dr. Kostrova is from the Institute of Geochemistry, Irkutsk and AWI-Potsdam, and the article discusses moisture origin and stable isotope characteristics of precipitation in the Irkutsk Region of southeast Siberia. The paper was first published 15 August 2019. Title: Moisture origin and stable isotope characteristics of precipitation in southeast Siberia Authors: Kostrova SS, Meyer H, Fernandoy [...]

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The Poseidon Adventure to Yuzhnyi Olenii Ostrov with Dr. Rick Schulting!

The Poseidon Adventure to Yuzhnyi Olenii Ostrov In late August Rick Schulting attended a workshop held in Petrozavodsk on the shores of Lake Onega in Karelia, NW Russia. The focus of the meeting was recent work carried out on archaeological remains from the island of Yuzhnyi Olenii Ostrov and the surrounding area.  Yuzhnyi Olenii Ostrov is famous for the cemetery of the same name, with over 177 graves dating to the Mesolithic, many with abundant grave offerings. The site [...]

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Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet!

BAP PhD student Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet in Stefan Milosavljevich's latest YouTube video: To see Victoria's BAP graduate student profiles, go here:

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Special Issue of Quaternary International with Pavel Tarasov as Guest Editor has been recently published!

Great news coming out of Germany! The new Special Issue of Quaternary International entitled "Climate change and human-environment interaction from Neolithic to historical times" with Pavel Tarasov as Guest Editor has been recently published. The Special Issue (Quaternary International 516 (2019) contains a number of interesting articles. Among them three articles represent research of the current BAP members and cooperation partners. Leipe, C., Kobe, F., Müller, S., 2019. Testing the performance of sodium polytungstate and lithium heteropolytungstate as non-toxic [...]

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