Alyssa White article published in Journal of Archaeological Science

Congratulations to Alyssa White on her recent article published in the Journal of Archaeological Science! Mrs. White is currently a DPhil student at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Dr. Rick Schulting and Dr. Mark Hudson. This paper is based on Alyssa’s Master’s work for the BAP. She would like to acknowledge Andrew Lythe (another M.Sc. student from the year after her) whose research is also highlighted in the paper. He is currently a graduate student [...]

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Franziska Kobe article published in Archaeological Research in Asia

Congratulations to Franziska Kobe on her recent article published in Archaeological Research in Asia! Ms. Kobe is a PhD student at the Freie Universitaet Berlin under the supervision of Dr. Pavel Tarasov, and it is her first PhD-related paper!  Also congratulations to our other BAP team members who contributed as co-authors. Title: Holocene vegetation and climate history in Baikal Siberia reconstructed from pollen records and its implications for archaeology Authors: Kobe F, Bezrukova EV, Leipe C, Shchetnikov AA, [...]

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Christian Leipe article published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Leipe on his recent article published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences! This is special news as it is Christian’s first paper as key author in a purely archaeological journal! Also congratulations to our other BAP team members who contributed as co-authors. Title: Ritual practices and social organisation at the Middle Yayoi culture settlement site of Maenakanishi, eastern Japan Authors: Leipe C, Kuramochi S, Wagner M, Tarasov PE. Abstract: Combined archaeobotanical and archaeological data from Middle [...]

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2020 Spring Convocation: We would like to congratulate all graduating students, BAP or otherwise, for their milestone achievement!

June 12th was the University of Alberta’s 2020 Spring Convocation. Our very own Dr. Victoria van der Haas was featured in Faculty of Arts Anthology: “…from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, this mini-profile of Victoria van der Haas (PhD Anthropology)”: CLASS OF 2020, Victoria van der Haas, '20 PhD (Anthropology) Faculty of Arts: Pursuing a PhD pushed me in ways I never imagined. I always knew I could work hard and independently, but I never knew how much [...]

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News from Berlin! The film “The Invention of the Trousers” is now available for free viewing on YouTube in 3 Languages!

Congratulations to Dr. Mayke Wagner, our BAP Partner and the Scientific Director of Eurasia Department of the German Archaeological Institute on the premiere of the 45-minute documentary "The Invention of the Trousers"! The film is a part of the Silk Road Fashion International Project, and is now available for free viewing on YouTube in three languages, English, German and Russian. The film is interesting not only to specialists, but also to the general public of all age categories. Nice [...]

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Laura Shuttleworth successfully defends MA thesis!

Congratulations to Laura Shuttleworth, Master's student at University of Saskatchewan, for successfully defending her MA thesis on April 3rd (remotely, of course)! Laura was co-supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse and Dr. Hugh McKenzie. Title: "Analysis of Mortuary Variability, Diet, and Area-of-Birth at the Early Bronze Age Cemetery of Khuzhir-Nuge XIV, Cis-Baikal, Siberia" Her project was part of the Dr. McKenzie's Small Cemetery Project, funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Dr. Hugh McKenzie was PI, Dr. Alexei Novikov and [...]

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“Bridging Eurasia” Workshop in Berlin “Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences”

Great news from Dr. Pavel Tarasov below!: "Bridging Eurasia" Workshop in Berlin, an International Workshop of the Bridging Eurasia Research Initiative "Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences" took place in Berlin 12-14 February, 2020. Jointly organized by Mayke Wagner (German Archaeological Institute), Pavel Tarasov (FU Berlin), and Christian Leipe (Nagoya University). About 25 colleagues from Germany, Russia, Taiwan China, and Japan were invited to present and discuss their research results related to the different fields [...]

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Jason Symington interviewed by 630 CHED radio about Communication Studies at MacEwan University and upcoming BAP documentary!

Jason Symington, BAP team member, recently spoke with J’lyn Nye from 630 CHED radio in Edmonton about the Communication Studies program at MacEwan University. In the interview, he talks about filming a BAP documentary with his students in the Lake Baikal area last summer and their upcoming plans to continue filming this summer’s fieldwork. BAP is mentioned at the 8-minute mark: A bit of information on our newest BAP team member: Jason Symington facilitates a real-world pre-production, [...]

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International Day of Women & Girls in Science!

February 11th was the International Day of Women & Girls in Science. We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women of BAP.* We're lucky to have you! *Newest addition to our BAP Women in Science group: Karolina Werens, MSc Archaeological Science, University of Oxford!

Dr. Victoria van der Haas successfully defends PhD dissertation!

Congratulations to Dr. Victoria van der Haas, BAP PhD student at University of Alberta, for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on December 18th! Victoria's supervisor was Dr. Andrzej Weber, and her committee members were Dr. Sandra Garvie-Lok, Dr. Lesley Harrington, Dr. Kisha Supernant, Dr. Janet Montgomery and Dr. Mark Nuttall (chair). Title: "Growing up in the Cis-Baikal region of Siberia, Russia: Reconstructing childhood diet of Middle Holocene hunter-gatherers" Abstract: Cis-Baikal is a region in Siberia, Russia, that provides unique [...]

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