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News from Berlin! The film “The Invention of the Trousers” is now available for free viewing on YouTube in 3 Languages!

Congratulations to Dr. Mayke Wagner, our BAP Partner and the Scientific Director of Eurasia Department of the German Archaeological Institute on the premiere of the 45-minute documentary "The Invention of the Trousers"! The film is a part of the Silk Road Fashion International Project, and is now available for free viewing on YouTube in three languages, English, German and Russian. The film is interesting not only to specialists, but also to the general public of all age categories. Nice [...]

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“Bridging Eurasia” Workshop in Berlin “Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences”

Great news from Dr. Pavel Tarasov below!: "Bridging Eurasia" Workshop in Berlin, an International Workshop of the Bridging Eurasia Research Initiative "Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences" took place in Berlin 12-14 February, 2020. Jointly organized by Mayke Wagner (German Archaeological Institute), Pavel Tarasov (FU Berlin), and Christian Leipe (Nagoya University). About 25 colleagues from Germany, Russia, Taiwan China, and Japan were invited to present and discuss their research results related to the different fields [...]

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Jason Symington interviewed by 630 CHED radio about Communication Studies at MacEwan University and upcoming BAP documentary!

Jason Symington, BAP team member, recently spoke with J’lyn Nye from 630 CHED radio in Edmonton about the Communication Studies program at MacEwan University. In the interview, he talks about filming a BAP documentary with his students in the Lake Baikal area last summer and their upcoming plans to continue filming this summer’s fieldwork. BAP is mentioned at the 8-minute mark: A bit of information on our newest BAP team member: Jason Symington facilitates a real-world pre-production, [...]

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Baikal Archaeology Project Summer 2020 Field School in Siberia!

The Baikal Archaeology Project is pleased to announce we are currently accepting applications for our 2020 field school, offered through the Department of Anthropology at Grant MacEwan University! ANTH 396 (6 credits) will run from May 30th to July 2nd in Irkutsk and Verkholensk/Kachug, Siberia, Russia. The information package & application form are available on our Current Fieldwork page. For more information, please contact Dr. Hugh McKenzie ( ***Application deadline: 4:30pm, January 31, 2020***

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Franziska Kobe gives public talk at the Geological Club and Museum-Park Rüdersdorf

Franziska Kobe, BAP PhD student from Freie Universität Berlin, presented a 30-minute talk at the Scientific Colloquium organized by the Geological Club and Museum-Park Rüdersdorf near Berlin on 18 October 2019. Her talk was discussing importance of environmental archives from the lake sediments for reconstructing vegetation, climate and human-environmental interactions. Title: "Paläo-Seen von Rüdersdorf als wertvolle Archive der postglazialen Natur- und Klimaentwicklung in Brandenburg" [“Palaeolakes from Rüdersdorf as valuable archives of late glacial and Holocene vegetation and climate in [...]

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Successful Workshop in Riga, Latvia!

Members of the Baikal Archaeology Project & guests have wrapped up another successful workshop - this time in Riga, Latvia (September 26-28, 2019). Presentations brought the entire team up to date on recent research & summer fieldwork, while social outings & a fieldtrip to the Zvejnieki archaeological site made sure the trip wasn't all work. We are extremely grateful to project members Drs. Ilga Zagorska & Gunita Zarina from the University of Latvia for their hospitality. A good time [...]

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Great news coming out of Freie Universität Berlin!

Dr. Pavel Tarasov's team is getting it done! Christian Leipe and Pavel Tarasov spent the first 9 days of October in the Institute of Geochemistry, Irkutsk, working on the sediment cores from Lake Ochaul and collecting samples for the sediment aDNA analysis together with Elena Bezrukova, Sasha Shchetnikov and their team. Lena and Sasha helped a lot to make our work as smooth and successful as possible. Additional news from Dr. Pavel Tarasov during this time: A cooperation agreement [...]

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Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet!

BAP PhD student Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet in Stefan Milosavljevich's latest YouTube video: To see Victoria's BAP graduate student profiles, go here:

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Victoria van der Haas interview featured on Episode 28 of the The Arch & Anth Podcast!

Victoria van der Haas, BAP PhD Candidate, is featured on Episode 28 of The Arch and Anth Podcast entitled "What is stable isotope analysis? What did prehistoric hunter-gatherers at Lake Baikal eat?" Link to homepage and to listen to podcast, Episode 28: From the The Arch and Anth Podcast webpage: Victoria van der Haas (University of Alberta) is a biological anthropologist and bioarchaeologist studying prehistoric hunter-gatherer lifestyles. A modern freshwater seal at Lake Baikal. On today’s episode, she talks [...]

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Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman interviewed by MacEwan University Bachelor of Communication Studies documentary film team

University of Saskatchewan MA students, Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman, were interviewed yesterday by the MacEwan University Bachelor of Communication Studies documentary film team that travelled to Siberia with the BAP crew. They are working in the lab in Irkutsk, Russia, and did a great job explaining their research projects! To see Rebecca's and Lauren's BAP graduate student profiles, go here:  

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