Thank you to Dr. Pavel Tarasov for sharing the following BHAP/BAP news!:

The Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese national newspaper with a 140-year history and a daily readership of more than 9 million copies every morning, recently published an article about ancient barley seeds excavated from the Hamanaka 2 site on Rebun Island.

The story, written by a Japanese journalist, is based on the samples obtained through the BHAP international summer school excavations and on the archaeobotanical analysis performed by Dr. Christian Leipe (FU Berlin and Nagoya University).

The scientific articles of the results were recently published in the PlosOne (Leipe et al. 2017) and Quaternary Science Reviews (Leipe et al. 2018), however, the current newspaper article will definitively reach much larger and broader readership in Japan.

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Leipe!

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