Great news from Dr. Pavel Tarasov below!:

“Bridging Eurasia” Workshop in Berlin, an International Workshop of the Bridging Eurasia Research Initiative

“Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences” took place in Berlin 12-14 February, 2020. Jointly organized by Mayke Wagner (German Archaeological Institute), Pavel Tarasov (FU Berlin), and Christian Leipe (Nagoya University).

About 25 colleagues from Germany, Russia, Taiwan China, and Japan were invited to present and discuss their research results related to the different fields of Eurasian archaeology and natural science.

The theme of the workshop “Archaeology in East Asia: Bridge Building to Natural Sciences” we understand in a broad sense. It includes related topics of interdisciplinary cooperation and involvements of geoscience in addressing archaeological questions in Eurasia.

The workshop brought together a group of international scholars specializing in archaeologically-relevant palaeoenvironmental studies from the Late Palaeolithic to pre-industrial times, who are interested in developing a cooperation network and joint projects.

Among the participants and speakers of the Workshop were colleagues and students who are involved in the current Baikal Archaeology Project (see attached scientific program), including the three organizers and Drs Larisa Savelieva (St. Petersburg), Elena Bezrukova (Irkutsk), Fedora Khenzykenova (Ulan-Ude), Svetlana Kostrova (Potsdam and Irkutsk), PhD students Franziska Kobe and Jana Gliwa, Master’s student Pascal Olschewski.

We also organized a big Public Event in the Japanese-German Center Berlin (see program from their webpage here:

The event was a great success and the venue was completely booked (more than 200 people were viewing the documentary “The Hokkaido Universe”).

Photo captions:

1. Mayke Wagner opens the Bridging Eurasia Workshop 2020 in Berlin

2. Christian Leipe, Mayke Wagner, Mutsumi Tsuboi and Chiharu Abe during the Podium Discussion about Hokkaido Prehistory

3. Tsuboi-san demonstrates how to make Jomon-time patterns on a ceramic vessel

4. Bridging Eurasia 2020 group photo in the GeoCampus of the FU Berlin

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