Congratulations to Dr. Mayke Wagner, our BAP Partner and the Scientific Director of Eurasia Department of the German Archaeological Institute on the premiere of the 45-minute documentary “The Invention of the Trousers”! The film is a part of the Silk Road Fashion International Project, and is now available for free viewing on YouTube in three languages, English, German and Russian. The film is interesting not only to specialists, but also to the general public of all age categories. Nice to see if you are tired of Coronavirus news.

Big Congratulations to Dr. Mayke Wagner on this interesting and beautiful work. Enjoy the film!

English: The Invention of the Trousers

Today everybody wears trousers: men and women, young and old, at almost all occasions. But who invented the trousers? When? Where? Why? This documentary tells the story of an international research team’s pursuit to find answers on these questions. The camera accompanies the scientists to dry inner Asian archaeological excavation sites in China and working tables of conservators; to laboratories of ancient climate and animal DNA research, to sheep shearer’s barns and fashion designer’s studios. Viewers can watch the team making discoveries and facing insurmountable obstacles in the process of reverse engineering when they try to reproduce the oldest known trousers of the world. The documentary comprises unpublished film material, animation sequences and music specially composed for this story. The film is a result of cooperation between archaeologists and students of Film University Babelsberg.

Russian: Изобретение штанов

German: Die Erfindung der Hose – Wie der Mensch zur Hose kam

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