Ms. Rebecca Bourgeois recently completed her MA at the University of Saskatchewan, supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse and Dr. Hugh McKenzie. In her thesis, A Multi-Method Approach To Re-Associating Fragmented and Commingled Human Remains: An example from the Cis-Baikal region of Siberia, Russia, she extended and developed methods to re-associate the fragmented and commingled human remains from the Early Neolithic cemetery site of Moty-Novaia Shamanka. These methods allowed for some of these remains to be re-grouped into discrete individuals, provided a more detailed analysis of life-history beyond a minimum number of individuals estimate, and supplemented samples taken for stable isotope analysis. Rebecca is continuing her studies as a PhD student at the University of Alberta, supervised by Dr. Andie Palmer, focusing on repatriation in collaboration with First Nations in Alberta.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Bioarchaeology, Personhood, Paleopathology, Repatriation, Hunter-gatherers, Individual reconstruction

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