Dr. Gunita Zariņa is senior researcher and head of the Bioarchaeological repository of institute of Latvian History of University of Latvia. Her research interests are related to demographics, nutrition, migration, health and quality of life of the ancient Latvian population, including formation and ethnology of the Latvian inhabitants and historical demography. She has published 2 monographs and about 170 scientific papers. In recent years she has focused on the study of the diet of the ancient Latvian population, using stable isotopic analysis. Within the framework of the project, she is interested in studies of demographic and social processes in the hunter-gatherer societies in the territory of Latvia. The research will cover development of agriculture in the territory of Latvia and corresponding dietary changes in adults and children using stable isotope analysis, as well as early life dietary histories / breastfeeding patterns, changes in reproductive processes and their impact on women’s social role and health.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Bioarchaeology, Palaeodemography, Migration, Diet and subsistence of the ancient inhabitants of Latvia, Women in prehistory of Latvia

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