Dr. Mayke Wagner is Scientific Director of the Eurasia Department of the German Archaeological Institute and head of its Beijing Branch Office. She is specialist of Chinese and East Asian archaeology and PI of the several large projects. The most recent ones are “Silk Road Fashion: Vestimentary knowledge in central and eastern Asia from 2nd Millennium BC to 1st Millennium AD” focusing on technique oriented in-depth studies of garments preserved in arid eastern central Asia and their archaeological and environmental context; and “Bridging Eurasia: Settlement history and climate change in Northeast Asia since the last Ice Age” focusing on human environment interactions on Hokkaido, in the Russian Far East and Northeast China. Her research interests also include the revision of prehistoric chronologies, statistical analyses of archaeological mass data, and the evolution and transmission of knowledge in Eurasia.

(photo by Y. Fukuda)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Archaeology of Northeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Human environment interaction, History of knowledge, Transmission and adoption of techniques, Prehistoric chronologies, Evolution of economic and social models in East Asia

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