Dr. Peter Jordan is the Director of the Arctic Centre, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. His inter-disciplinary research focuses on the archaeology, ethnography and anthropology of circumpolar peoples and cultures, particularly in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Russian Far East and Hokkaido, and northern Fennoscandia, especially Arctic Norway. Jordan’s interdisciplinary research profile is reflected in his diverse publications, which include recent papers in Nature, PNAS, Annual Review of Anthropology, Antiquity, Arctic Anthropology, Quaternary Science Review and Quaternary International. He has published seven books with major academic publishers, including University of California Press, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, and edited special issues of Journal of World Prehistory, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and Quaternary International. He’s currently completing a new special issue of Quaternary International (with Sean Desjardins) on ‘Long-Term Perspectives on Arctic Social-Ecological Systems’ and edited a new book (with Xenia Keighley, Morten Tange Olsen and Sean Desjardins) on the historical ecology of long-term human interactions with North Atlantic walrus (under contract with Elsevier). His role in the current project is: coordinate higher-level synthesis of new and existing datasets; reconstruct cultural dynamics and social structures; investigate spatiotemporal variability in the social identity and worldviews of cemetery populations; explore patterns of cultural inheritance and long-term transformation.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Prehistoric hunter-gather technologies, Hunter-gatherer interaction networks, Kinship and community, Long-term human-environment interactions

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