Dr. Robert L. Bettinger is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at UC Davis, an authority on ethnographic and archaeological hunter-gatherer and the modeling of their behavior, and recipient of the 2007 Society for American Archaeology Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis, the 2016 Society for American Archaeology Book Award, the 2007 Society for California Archaeology M. A. Baumhoff Special Achievement Award. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Archaeological Research in Asia (Elsevier) and author of Hunter-Gatherers: Archaeological and Evolutionary Theory (1991; Plenum), Hunter-Gatherer Foraging: Five Simple Models (2009; Werney), co-author (with Raven Garvey and Shannon Tushingham) of Hunter-gatherers: Archaeological and Evolutionary Theory, Second Edition (2015; Springer), Orderly Anarchy (2015; UC Press), and many peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles.

As chair of the advisory board, Dr. Bettinger will provide BAP researchers with external strategic guidance about both the academic and administrative aspects of running the project.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hunter-gatherers, Origins of agriculture, Foraging theory, Evolutionary modeling, Duck hunting, Steelhead fishing

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