Karolina Werens is an osteoarchaeologist (MSc, University of Bradford 2017) interested in the link between nutrition and health. Within the Baikal Archaeology Project (BAP), Karolina is using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes to inform the study of childhood health and inequality among the middle Holocene hunter-gatherers in the Baikal region, under the supervision of Prof. Rick Schulting (2019/20 MSc Archaeological Science, University of Oxford).

Prior to joining BAP, Karolina modelled diets in the Neolithic and Bronze Age Corded Ware Culture in Eastern Europe, Medieval Guanches from the Canary Islands, and tuberculous individuals from pre-Incan populations in Peru. To the biomolecular analysis she brings competencies from a range of cultural heritage environments, including urban archaeological excavation (MOLA/CIFA, London, UK), osteological analysis and museum curation (District Museum in Sandomierz, Poland), and international environmental consultancy (ERM Ltd., London, UK).

Karolina has professional experience in public outreach, radio reporting and documentary production. The latest output in support of the ADFA Charity in Kibeho, is the 2019 pro bono photography exhibition and book publication “Rwanda: 25 Years of Peace”, commemorating the 1994 Tutsi genocide.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Osteology, Isotopic analysis, Early life histories, Cultural heritage management

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