Great news coming out of Germany!

The new Special Issue of Quaternary International entitled “Climate change and human-environment interaction from Neolithic to historical times” with Pavel Tarasov as Guest Editor has been recently published.

The Special Issue (Quaternary International 516 (2019) contains a number of interesting articles. Among them three articles represent research of the current BAP members and cooperation partners.

Leipe, C., Kobe, F., Müller, S., 2019. Testing the performance of sodium polytungstate and lithium heteropolytungstate as non-toxic dense media for pollen extraction from lake and peat sediment samples. Quaternary International 516,

Tarasov, P., Savelieva, L., Long, T., Leipe, C., 2019. Postglacial vegetation and climate history and traces of early human impact and agriculture in the present-day cool mixed forest zone of European Russia. Quaternary International 516, 21-41.

Ding, W., Xu, Q., Fu, T., Ma, C., Tarasov, P., 2019. Heterogeneous vegetation sensitivity at local and regional scales: implications for pollen-based climate reconstruction. Quaternary International 516, 149-159.

Congratulations to Dr. Pavel and BAP team members on their hard work and continued success!