Franziska Kobe’s article published in GES

More great news! The day of Franziska's Master's defense, an article written by Franziska Kobe, Martin K. Bittner, Christian Leipe, Philipp Hoelzmann, Tengwen Long, Mayke Wagner, Romy Zibulski, and Pavel E. Tarasov entitled "Late glacial and early Holocene environments and human occupation in Brandenburg, eastern Germany" appeared online in the open access scientific journal GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY. This paper contributes to the project (SSHRC Partnership Grant Number 895-2018-1004) and the profile will be further investigated for better understanding the [...]

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Dr. Mareike Schmidt’s article on Lake Kushu palaeolimnological record published in Palaeo3

Congratulations to Dr. Mareike Schmidt and co-authors for the recent publication of their paper in Palaeo3! Good news below from Dr. Pavel Tarasov about the BHAP Freie Universitaet Berlin Team! The final manuscript describing results of Mareike Schmidt’s PhD Thesis has been published in Palaeo3 by Elsevier. Title: “A multi-proxy palaeolimnological record of the last 16,600 years from coastal Lake Kushu in northern Japan” Abstract: Based on diatom, aquatic pollen and non-pollen palynomorph (NPP), lake sediment microfacies, and X-ray [...]

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Dr. Christian Leipe article in QSR

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Leipe for the recent publication of his article in Quaternary Science Reviews! Christian says it is a part of the BAP and he would like to share this wonderful good news with all team members. Title: "Vegetation change and human impacts on Rebun Island (Northwest Pacific) over the last 6000 years." Full reference: Leipe, C., Müller, S., Hille, K., Kato, H., Kobe, F., Schmidt, M., Seyffert, K., Spengler III, R., Wagner, M., Weber, A.W., Tarasov, [...]

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Holocene Zooarchaeology of Cis-Baikal

Archaeology in China and East Asia Volume 6 / Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series Volume 7 A joint project of the German Archaeological Institute and the University of Alberta, the monograph "Holocene Zooarchaeology of Cis-Baikal" was prepared by Drs. Robert Losey and Tatiana Nomokonova in cooperation twelve co-authors representing Archaeology and Geo-sciences in the BAP. We would like to thank the ACEA Series Editor Mayke Wagner, who contributed a lot of her time and energy in the final preparation [...]

Kurma XI, a Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Archaeology in China and East Asia Volume 3 / Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series Volume 6 With pleasure we present to the academic community the sixth volume published as part of the Baikal Archaeology Project's Northern Hunter- Gatherers Series. The volume is third site monograph published in the series and presents both archaeological and human osteological data from fieldwork conducted by the project at the mortuary site Kurma XI, in the extensively researched Little Sea area of Lake Baikal, [...]