Dr. Ian Scharlotta is an Alumnus of the University of Alberta and Baikal Archaeology Project member for over a decade. He is currently working with Applied EarthWorks in San Luis Obispo County, CA to help synthesize and contextualize analytical data gleaned from a series of data recovery projects in the region. The sites lie in a disputed cultural area with evidence of long-term complex hunter-gatherer interactions within the changing environmental circumstances of the entire Holocene. He recently completed a project with Texas State University’s Center for Archaeological Studies to help Vandenberg Air Force Base (California) develop and implement a radiocarbon database along with due to complex upwelling effects. The results of this work will be presented at the session he is chairing at the 2019 SAA’s in Albuquerque. His expertise includes micro-sampling, individual life histories using biogeochemical micro-sampling, artifact provenance studies, technological analysis of material culture of California/Southwest/Great Basin, and Lake Baikal, Siberia, and how social complexity is intertwined with the technological and cultural landscape.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Microsampling of skeletal materials, Linked bio- and geo-chemical proxy records, Dietary reconstruction, Regional and habitat-specific radiocarbon offset corrections and their relation to land-use patterns, Mobility and spheres of interactions, Re-examining longstanding culture histories in light of new archaeometric research

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