Dr. Rick Schulting is Associate Professor in Scientific and Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Oxford. He has had a long-standing interest in the Mesolithic and Neolithic of Western Europe, both in themselves, and in terms of the transition to farming. Recent and ongoing research is focused on improving our understanding of chronology, through the use of AMS 14C dating, and of palaeodiet and mobility, through the use of stable carbon, nitrogen and strontium isotope analyses. Another strong research strand involves assessing skeletal evidence for violence in hunter-gatherers and early farmers, particularly in western and northern Europe, southern Siberia, and Japan. His research for BAP focuses on palaeodietary studies using stable carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen isotopes, and on its implications for freshwater reservoir effects on radiocarbon dates. The skeletal evidence for violence will also be investigated within a comparative framework, drawing on evidence from hunter-gatherers past and present across northern Eurasia.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: C14 dating, Palaeodietary reconstruction, Mobility, Freshwater reservoir effects, Prehistoric violence

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