Dr. Ilga Zagorska (Dr.hist.) is a Senior Researcher and has a great deal of experience organizing archaeological excavations, giving lectures about Stone Age in Latvia and abroad, and participating in international conferences (last ones UISPP in Paris, EAA in Barselona 2018). She has participated in numerous international projects, including: 1) Technological Transfer in the processing of Mineral recourses in earlier times (Museum of Cultural history, Oslo, Norway – LU, IHL,  2015-2018; 2) Prehistoric Art: ritual,context and symbolism (Lithuanian Academy of Arts- LU, IHL, 2016-2018); 3) Research in Burtnieki Lake region, Latvia (Baltic-Scandinavian Research Centre, Schlezwig – LU, IHL, 2016-continuing). She will be providing BAP with information about East Baltic Stone Age, especially burials, in the North European context.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Glacial retreat and Late Palaeolithic settlements, Mesolithic inhabitance (settlement sites, grave fields, subsistence strategies), Stone Age burial practices, symbolism and art

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