Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet!

BAP PhD student Victoria van der Haas explains how isotopes can be used to learn about the Paranthropus diet in Stefan Milosavljevich's latest YouTube video: To see Victoria's BAP graduate student profiles, go here:

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Special Issue of Quaternary International with Pavel Tarasov as Guest Editor has been recently published!

Great news coming out of Germany! The new Special Issue of Quaternary International entitled "Climate change and human-environment interaction from Neolithic to historical times" with Pavel Tarasov as Guest Editor has been recently published. The Special Issue (Quaternary International 516 (2019) contains a number of interesting articles. Among them three articles represent research of the current BAP members and cooperation partners. Leipe, C., Kobe, F., Müller, S., 2019. Testing the performance of sodium polytungstate and lithium heteropolytungstate as non-toxic [...]

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Victoria van der Haas interview featured on Episode 28 of the The Arch & Anth Podcast!

Victoria van der Haas, BAP PhD Candidate, is featured on Episode 28 of The Arch and Anth Podcast entitled "What is stable isotope analysis? What did prehistoric hunter-gatherers at Lake Baikal eat?" Link to homepage and to listen to podcast, Episode 28: From the The Arch and Anth Podcast webpage: Victoria van der Haas (University of Alberta) is a biological anthropologist and bioarchaeologist studying prehistoric hunter-gatherer lifestyles. A modern freshwater seal at Lake Baikal. On today’s episode, she talks [...]

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Samantha Purchase first paper as lead author on BAP materials published in International Journal of Paleopathology!

Congratulations to Samantha Purchase, former BAP Master's student supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse, on the publication of her first paper as lead author! The paper will appear in the September 2019 issue of the International Journal of Paleopathology, Volume 26, pages 22-26, and is now available online! Title: An innovative method to visualise mastoiditis using a hand-held X-ray system Authors: Samantha Purchase, Vladimir Bazaliiskii, Angela Lieverse ABSTRACT Objective: We explore the utility of using a hand-held X-ray system to [...]

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Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman interviewed by MacEwan University Bachelor of Communication Studies documentary film team

University of Saskatchewan MA students, Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman, were interviewed yesterday by the MacEwan University Bachelor of Communication Studies documentary film team that travelled to Siberia with the BAP crew. They are working in the lab in Irkutsk, Russia, and did a great job explaining their research projects! To see Rebecca's and Lauren's BAP graduate student profiles, go here:  

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Drs. Angela Lieverse, Rick Schulting and Daniel Temple in Moskva

After working hard in the lab, our BAP folks are using their after-hours wisely by seeing the sights! Safe travels to all of our BAP team members that are away doing research this summer. Many BAP team members are presently in Russia doing lab and fieldwork, and working on a documentary of our project. We wish them a productive and fun summer!

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Christian Leipe BAP archaeobotanical analysis featured in Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper article!

Thank you to Dr. Pavel Tarasov for sharing the following BHAP/BAP news!: The Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese national newspaper with a 140-year history and a daily readership of more than 9 million copies every morning, recently published an article about ancient barley seeds excavated from the Hamanaka 2 site on Rebun Island. The story, written by a Japanese journalist, is based on the samples obtained through the BHAP international summer school excavations and on the archaeobotanical analysis performed by [...]

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Rebecca Bourgeois presents at Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Meeting

In 2019, the conjoint Annual Meetings of the Canadian Archaeological Association and the Association des archéologues de Québec were held in Quebec City, May 15-18, 2019. Rebecca Bourgeois, our BAP Master’s student from University of Saskatchewan supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse and Dr. Hugh McKenzie, presented a talk entitled: “Reorienting Bioarchaeology for an Era of Reconciliation: The Informed Behavioural Model.” Rebecca is second from left on the photo. Link to Meeting:

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Talisha Chaput successfully defends Master’s thesis!

Congratulations to Talisha Chaput, BHAP Graduate student, for successfully defending her Master's thesis on April 23, 2019! Title of Talisha's thesis: "“Seal or No Seal? A Bayesian (FRUITS) Modelling of Hunter-Gatherer Diet in the Little Sea Micro-Region of Lake Baikal.” She was supervised by Dr. Andrzej Weber, and committee members were Dr. Sandra Garvie-Lok and Dr. Robert Losey from University of Alberta. Read about Talisha and her research here: Talisha was also featured on the University of Alberta YouAlberta [...]

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Dr. Pavel Tarasov and Dr. Christian Leipe research update from Siberia!

Exciting research update from Dr. Christian Leipe: Pavel and I are back from Siberia. It was a successful and interesting trip even with lots of snow and ice, which I haven’t seen for a long time. We would like to share some photos and information for the next newsletter. Here are the captions for the photos attached. Pavel Tarasov giving a public lecture within the framework of the BAP at the Institute of Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences [...]

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