Rebecca Bourgeois successfully defends Master’s thesis!

Congratulations to Rebecca Bourgeois, Master's student at University of Saskatchewan, for successfully defending her thesis on July 31st! Rebecca was co-supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse and Dr. Hugh McKenzie. Title: "A Multimethod Approach to Reassociating Fragmented and Commingled Human Remains: An example from the Cis-Baikal Region of Siberia, Russia" Way to go, Rebecca! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! See Rebecca’s profile here:

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Laura Shuttleworth successfully defends MA thesis!

Congratulations to Laura Shuttleworth, Master's student at University of Saskatchewan, for successfully defending her MA thesis on April 3rd (remotely, of course)! Laura was co-supervised by Dr. Angela Lieverse and Dr. Hugh McKenzie. Title: "Analysis of Mortuary Variability, Diet, and Area-of-Birth at the Early Bronze Age Cemetery of Khuzhir-Nuge XIV, Cis-Baikal, Siberia" Her project was part of the Dr. McKenzie's Small Cemetery Project, funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Dr. Hugh McKenzie was PI, Dr. Alexei Novikov and [...]

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Baikal Archaeology Project Summer 2020 Field School in Siberia!

The Baikal Archaeology Project is pleased to announce we are currently accepting applications for our 2020 field school, offered through the Department of Anthropology at Grant MacEwan University! ANTH 396 (6 credits) will run from May 30th to July 2nd in Irkutsk and Verkholensk/Kachug, Siberia, Russia. The information package & application form are available on our Current Fieldwork page. For more information, please contact Dr. Hugh McKenzie ( ***Application deadline: 4:30pm, January 31, 2020***

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Rebecca Bourgeois and Lauren Michelman present at Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology Annual Meetings

BAP was well represented by our University of Saskatchewan graduate students at the Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology 47th Annual Meetings held in Banff, Alberta, October 23-26, 2019. Rebecca Bourgeois presented a poster entitled: “Reconstructing Moy-Novaia-Shamanka, Siberia, Russia: Preliminary Analysis.” Rebecca L. Bourgeois, Angela R. Lieverse, Hugh G. McKenzie, Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii. Lauren Michelman presented a poster entitled: “Harris lines as indicators of physiological stress in the middle Holocene Cis-Baikal.” Lauren M. Michelman, Angela R. Lieverse. Link to Meeting: [...]

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BAP represents at American Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Meeting

The BAP was well represented at the AAPA Annual Meeting held in Cleveland! First photo from top left: Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist, PhD candidate Victoria van der Haas, Dr. Angela Lieverse, Dr. Daniel Temple, Dr. Hugh McKenzie, PhD candidate J. Alyssa White. A great looking crew! Thank you to Victoria van der Haas, BAP PhD Candidate, for the following live tweets! Victoria is in charge of BAP’s social media and she is doing a great job keeping everyone up-to-date on BAP [...]

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Kurma XI, a Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Archaeology in China and East Asia Volume 3 / Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series Volume 6 With pleasure we present to the academic community the sixth volume published as part of the Baikal Archaeology Project's Northern Hunter- Gatherers Series. The volume is third site monograph published in the series and presents both archaeological and human osteological data from fieldwork conducted by the project at the mortuary site Kurma XI, in the extensively researched Little Sea area of Lake Baikal, [...]

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the Baikal Region, Siberia: Bioarchaeological Studies of Past Life Ways

A volume in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology series Siberia's Lake Baikal region is an archaeologically unique and emerging area of hunter-gatherer research, offering insights into the complexity, variability, and dynamics of long-term culture change. The exceptional quality of archaeological materials recovered there facilitates interdisciplinary studies whose relevance extends far beyond the region. The Baikal Archaeology Project - one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted in the history of subarctic archaeology - is [...]

Khuzhir-Nuge XIV, a Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery on Lake Baikal, Siberia: Archaeological Materials

Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series Volume 4 The fourth volume in the Baikal Archaeology Project's Northern Hunter-Gatherers Series presents comprehensive archaeological data from fieldwork conducted by the project a the mortuary site Khuzhir-Nuge XIV on Lake Baikal in Siberia. The BAP is a Major Collaborative Research Initiative of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), based at the University of Alberta and partnered with the University of Irkutsk. The goal of the BAP has been to [...]

Prehistoric Foragers of the Cis-Baikal, Siberia

Northern Hunter-Gatherers Research Series Volume 1 The first volume of Northern Hunter-Gatherers: Research Series is dedicated to Hunter-Gatherer Culture Change and Continuity in the Middle Holocene of the Cis-Baikal, Siberia. From about 9000 to 3000 years BP, the Baikal area was successively inhabited by two major groups, the Kitoi, who date back to the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic, and the Serovo-Glazkovo, who date from the Middle through Late Neolithic to Bronze Age. A distinct feature is a [...]

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